26 May 2016

Clash of the Titans: Norway vs. Finland

We recently compared France and Austria, arguably Europe’s most formidable snowsport forces, in an attempt to establish where Europe’s best skiing is to be had. But in truth the question goes beyond those two nations – veritable paragons of pow though they are. Skiing was not always the fast-paced après-guzzling extreme sport it is today: […]

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24 May 2016

Say hello to Levi & Ylläs – Two of Finland’s Finest

Finland’s nice. Have you been to Finland? If you haven’t, you should go. With that in mind, meet Levi and Ylläs, two resorts new to Crystal for Winter 2016/17. For those unfamiliar with the joys of a Finnish winter holiday: the range of activities on offer is unmatched anywhere in the world, the skiing’s gorgeous, […]

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18 May 2016

5 Reasons to Ski at the Start of the Season

Being the first on the mountain is never overrated. Peak ski season might run from around Christmas week to March, but Europe’s got loads to offer in early December. Whether you’re a Powder Hound in search of an off-piste party or you want a week in winter wonderland with The Unstoppables, we’ve got something for you. […]

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12 May 2016

6 reasons to ski in Sun Peaks next season

As you might have gathered, we’re massive fans of skiing in Canada, so the addition of Sun Peaks to our roster is seriously exciting. Originally called Tod Mountain, Sun Peaks is a great place to ski – in a group or on your tod. Here’s why: It’s in Canada, so the snow quality and reliability are both […]

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1 May 2016

7 health benefits to cross-country skiing

A traditional mode of transport in Northern Europe, cross-country skiing has been around for yonks and in a world of high speeds and 1080 spins, it’s often labelled a ‘niche’ hobby. Across Scandinavia though, the habit retains its popularity, holding high status as a leisure pursuit and an exercise. The advantages to cross-country skiing are plenty; […]

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