Facebook0TwitteremailContinuing with our series on excellent après and nicely segued from our guide to mountain food, we’ve put together this list of intriguing national and regional beverages for your perusal. After what seems like weeks of festive drinking and Dry January, the last thing on most people’s minds is booze. With the season in full flow however, many of you heading to the slopes over the next few months will almost certainly be enjoying a tipple or two. Not that we would ever condone or encourage on-slope drinking……Continue Reading “Our guide to Mountain drinks”

Facebook0TwitteremailWe all love to talk about food and with Christmas only around the corner it seems to be the topic on everyone’s lips (pardon the pun). When I’m skiing I’m always thinking about food and I’ll actually plan my day on the mountain around which mountain restaurants I fancy stopping at. I don’t think you can beat sitting next to the piste enjoying a beverage or two and trying some of the tasty local grub. Every country has its own specialities and own take on…Continue Reading “Our guide to Mountain Food”

Facebook0TwitteremailSpare a thought for vegetarians and vegans who like to ski All skiers and snowboarders know the value of a blooming good hearty meal. It refuels us, ready for the challenges of the next day on the slopes. Hopefully it tastes good too. Meat-eaters, when you are eating out on a ski holiday – whether you prefer a greasy burger or a chateaubriand – you know that there is a whole menu for you to pick your dishes from. Vegetarians and vegans, you know that…Continue Reading “Vegan and vegetarian skiing holidays”