Facebook22TwitteremailA week of skiing requires a good level of fitness, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a mountain newbie. So before heading up to the peaks, try to get in some workouts to get ski-fit – not only will you enjoy the slopes more, but you’ll strengthen those key muscles, meaning there’ll be less risk of injury. You don’t have to be a member of a gym either. Instead, get slope-ready in the comfort of your own home with our online workout plan inspired by…Continue Reading “GET FIT FOR SKIING”

A traditional mode of transport in Northern Europe, cross-country skiing has been around for yonks and in a world of high speeds and 1080 spins, it’s often labelled a ‘niche’ hobby. Across Scandinavia though, the habit retains its popularity, holding high status as a leisure pursuit and an exercise.

Perfectly groomed cross-country trails under the Northern Lights in Geilo, Norway
Perfectly groomed cross-country trails under the Northern Lights in Geilo, Norway

The advantages to cross-country skiing are plenty; not only can it be learnt pretty quickly, but it’s also a great workout. Plus, unlike its downhill counterpart where skiers are often restrained to queues, cold lifts, busy slopes and over-full cafes, cross-country skiers glide silently past.

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Facebook0TwitteremailJust because the snow melts and the lifts stop, doesn’t mean we have to forget about our favourite sport. Of course, you could head to a glacier or even fly to the Southern Hemisphere to get on the piste, but there’s no need to go that far to stay in shredding shape. Here’s five things you can do throughout the summer to keep fit for the slopes. 1. Mountain Biking The UK has one of the biggest mountain bike industries in the world, having grown…Continue Reading “5 summer activities to keep fit for the slopes”

Get Fit For The New Ski Season

Facebook0TwitteremailSkiing is physically demanding and requires a high level of personal fitness. Due to the nature of the sport, improving your ski fitness will have a massive effect on your ski performance as well as your enjoyment on the snow. By preparing for your ski holidays in advance, you should attempt to improve your flexibility, strength and stamina. These three ski fitness targets are key to your physical condition and making the most of your time on the slopes. Flexibility is so important to your…Continue Reading “Get Fit For The New Ski Season”