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New ski and board gear for 2012/13

While the current ski season is in full swing, many eager snow fanatics will be looking ahead to the next season; 2012/13. With the new season comes new technology, new gear, and oh so much fun in the snow.

In this post we look at the advances in technology in skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiles.

Advances in design and technology have left Salomon leading the way in both the ski and snowboard stakes. The Salomon BBR ski range is being expanded, plus the new Guardian bindings are set to change the way we ski. Here’s a more in-depth look at both.

Ski – Salomon BBRs

New surf style skiSalomon first launched its range of BBR skis in 2011, and the surfboard inspired idea has been big news this season.

Off the back of this success, Salomon is set to broaden the range for season 2012/13 to include the BBR 10.0; a 100mm wide version, plus the BBR Sunlite, and BBR Skylite for women.

The ski is designed to be used on piste, but also ‘floats’ in powder.

Whereas the two original styles of the BBR had characteristically slim waists and broad tips, the shape of the BBR 10.0 is less pronounced.

The mid-section is wider, and the tips narrower than those of the originals.

Ski – Guardian bindings

New ski binding

The Guardian bindings from Salomon are designed to give you more freedom.

The bindings allow the skier to lock in their heel in for downhill slopes, but freely lift their heel for cross-country or uphill touring.

When it comes to switching between the two settings, this is done by a simple flick of a button (thankfully there’s no need for an icy glove removal or chilly mountain-top stop!).

This kind of technology isn’t completely new, but the Guardian bindings are likely to bring the combined style to a more mainstream audience though, thanks to Salomon’s popularity.

Snowboard – Shadow Fit bindings

Snowboarders too will reap the benefits of Salomon’s advances for next season thanks to the new 2013 Salomon Shadow Fit Bindings which have been designed with speed and mobility in mind.

Movement and flexibility really are top of the agenda here, reminiscent perhaps of Salomon’s Guardian ski binding. The ultra light-weight binding helps to keep the overall weight of the board down, improving manoeuvrability.

The Shadow Fit bindings give boarders maximum mobility and speedy responses thanks to the sleek fit and flexible heel loop, and the Kevlar QuickWire working together.


Snowmobiles, once T Model Fords adapted to have rear tractor treads and skis at the front, have evolved a lot over the last 100 years.

While the vehicles are still used for transportation in more remote areas during winter months, snowmobiling is becoming more and more popular as a recreational sport in ski resorts around the globe.

Gone are the days of snowmobiles being mere utility vehicles; now you can build your own sled, have a say in its suspension and horse power. Snowmobiling is now so popular that there are international competitions with prizes of large sums of money.

Those competing perform jumps and tricks, similar to a cross between motocross and freestyle skiing.

The latest offering in fancy new snowmobiles from Ski-Doo, the heavyweight brand amongst snowmobiles, is the 2013 range. The range has stirred up a lot of interest and hype already, with 9 new models available, with designs covering utility, sports, touring and recreational usage both on- and off-trail.

Snowmobiles are available to hire for guided tours and lessons in several resorts. Crystal Ski holidays to Lapland offer snowmobile safaris at the resort of Ruka in Finland taking you through pine forests and over frozen lakes. You might spot a reindeer or even Father Christmas!

And what better way to try out the latest gear than by hitting the slopes yourself? Next season’s Crystal Ski holidays 2012/13 can be booked now.

Stay up to date with news and competitions on Crystal Ski’s facebook page.

This post was written by Tess Bowles from Crystal Ski.

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  • John Forbes

    My Skis and jacket both looking worse for wear, thats what i am going to have to look to replace very soon. One of them anyway, other next year(But which to do first)

  • Jenni Need

    The shadow fit bindings seem awesome. Id love me a pair of them “)

  • After Skiing on Salomon Twenty Twelve’s last season I need to get some. Or maybe this seasons Salomon Rocker2 90

  • james

    BBR’s..tried them out in whistler last season….a good ski but nowhere as good as the hype…great pop on the bottom of the turn but outside of that….didn’t do anything for me. the Rossie S7s however….awesome!

  • Having resisted it for a while now over fears that it would not be comfortable or my head would get too hot, I have bitten the bullet and bought a Salomon custom air helmet. more andmore people are wearing them, even the older generation who are still on wooden skis and wooly jumpers. have tried the helmet briefly in Scotland and am looking forward to trying it in the alps properly this year. I already think it may become my favourite bit of kit and hey it’s not like it will kill me to wear it but it might just save me!

    • Ski-buzz

      Hi Kevin, we’ve picked yours out as the winning comment today. Please drop us an email to with your full name and address and we’ll put a copy of WTSS 13 in the post.

  • My clothing’s starting to look a bit ragged now that I’ve started to bring it out ready for the season. Deffo need hoodies, fleeces, trousers and socks