26 June 2010.

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Scotland Offers Skiing on Midsummers Day

Cairngorm opened for historic snow sports on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st June, the first time the ski area has run its lifts so late in June.

The skiing was in a very limited area beyond the Ptarmigan Tow with uplift being provided by two temporary rope tows but more than 100 people took to the slopes.

CairnGorm spokesman Colin Kirkwood commented, “Although some of our more intrepid skiers have walked up the hill in previous years to find patches of snow on which to ski during the summer, this is the first time in living memory that we have skied with the benefit of mechanized uplift at CairnGorm at midsummer and our customers seem to be delighted that we been able to provide this facility for them as the finale to this season.”

The centre has been open since late November last year, clocking up nearly seven months of operation.

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