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Our pick of the best ski season jobs

24 October 2014

There comes a time when every skier or snowboarder considers ‘doing a season’. The allure of spending a winter in the mountains and being there on every powder day is enough for to give most 9-5ers a career change. So what jobs are available and which offer the best blend of accomodation, pay and the […]

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Crystal Ski Holidays guide to the mountain

31 July 2014

Treat yourself to a Crystal Ski Holidays guide to the mountain –  a source of inspiration to get your ski holiday kick-started this winter. Whether you download, order or pick it up in-store, this is the start of your journey to the mountains. We aim to point you down the right slopes, highlighting the best […]

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5 summer activities to keep fit for the slopes

3 June 2014

Just because the snow melts and the lifts stop, doesn’t mean we have to forget about our favourite sport. Of course, you could head to a glacier or even fly to the Southern Hemisphere to get on the piste, but there’s no need to go that far to stay in shredding shape. Here’s five things […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Montgenèvre

19 May 2014

There aren’t many people in the Crystal Ski Holidays office that have never visited the slopes, but Lyndsey was one of them. This year she finally decided it’s time to clip in– here’s her story. Having reached 32 and never set foot on the slopes I’ve been the subject of much ridicule from my friend […]

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Save money like a local in the USA

11 April 2014

The USA isn’t often associated with budget friendly ski resorts, and it’s certainly true there are a number of 5* hotels and top quality restaurants all eager to take your money. But if you’re on a budget and still want to visit some of these world class ski resorts, there are ways to do it […]

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