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5 of Our Favourite Things To Do in Banff (That Aren’t Skiing or Snowboarding)…

16 August 2017

Banff is known for its phenomenal snow conditions, stunning scenery and being one of North America’s biggest ski areas, but there’s also so much to do and see other than (our number 1 favorite thing to do) skiing and snowboarding. We’ve picked out some of our favourite activities/experiences you HAVE to try on your next […]

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From Sea To Sky – Canada’s Highway To Powder Heaven

19 July 2017

Did you know that you can drive from Vancouver to Whistler? The route is known as the ‘Sea to Sky Highway’ and it’s an incredible way to see the best of Alberta – well worth adding a couple of nights in Vancouver onto your trip so you can squeeze it in. The first part of […]

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Crystal Cuisine: Indulge in a Ski Chalet Cooking Course

15 May 2017

Whether you’re preparing for a season as a chalet host or just want to perfect your tartiflette, the Crystal Chalet Cooking Course is without a doubt, the best way to do it.  What is it? The main aim of the course it to get an insight into life in the kitchen as a Chalet Host. From organizing […]

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Staying Snug – Top Tips for Keeping Kids Warm & Dry on the Slopes

19 April 2017

Happy children make for a happy skiing holiday, and few things are as likely to ruin your child’s day than being wet, cold and uncomfortable. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of top tips for making sure your kids stay snug and smiley on the slopes.   ICYMI – Check out our other […]

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School Holiday Skiing – Insider Tips for When To Go

12 April 2017

Organising a ski holiday when you’ve got kids can be far from relaxing. On top of deciding which resort to visit and finding the right accommodation, the last decision is arguably the biggest: when should you go? Hopefully we’ve already given you some help with those first two conundrums. Now we’re here to help with the last […]

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