The Best Value Ski Resort 2018

Value is a word that gets used a lot when comparing ski holidays. But what exactly does it mean? Is it the cheapest? The largest ski area for the cheapest lift pass? Or is it in-resort costs, so you won’t have to save up to get a slice of pizza on the slopes. It all comes down to which bits of your holiday are most important to you – and that’s different for everyone. We’ve put together a list of 25 European and North American…Continue Reading “The Best Value Ski Resort 2018”

You need to buy a ski jacket but there’s a bewildering array of brightly coloured and expensive-looking options available. By breaking down the different specs and explaining away the jargon, we’ll help you find the right outerwear for your mountain adventures. Insulated or shell? The first decision you have to make is how much you want to fork out – whether you aim towards the top of the price range with an insulated jacket, or opt for a waterproof outer shell, which will be cheaper,…Continue Reading “WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A SKI JACKET”

You may already have a weatherproof jacket prepared for the snow, but unless you’ve already been on a ski holiday, chances are you won’t have any salopettes. To prevent you from being the odd one out trying to snowplough in jeans, we’ve enlisted Snow+Rock clothing buyer Johnny Hayes to help explain. What are salopettes? The French word for overalls, salopettes are distinguished from more basic waterproof trousers by their braces and breathability. Having said that, you’re free to ditch the suspenders and just call them…Continue Reading “A GUIDE TO BUYING SALOPETTES”

Wood-fired pizza

Italian cuisine is about more than just pasta and parmesan. Cheesy as it may sound, mountain food in Italy is a way of life. South Tyrol If you’re looking for a tour that combines sensational skiing with blistering culinary prowess, make a beeline for South Tyrol. It’s Italy’s northernmost region – encompassing ski resorts Kronplatz, Selva Val Gardena, Ortisei, Corvara and Colfosco, all in the rugged and beautiful Dolomite mountains – and food is most definitely its forte. For perspective, Greater London is home to…Continue Reading “MOUNTAIN FOOD: A TASTE OF ITALY”

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Glittering snowflakes clinging to every branch in the forest, the mumble of nearby reindeer and the crisp crunch of footsteps in the fresh snow – Lapland is a wonderland where memories are made and winter never ends.  Finnish December days only see five or six hours of daylight, bathing the land in an ethereal half-light under the pink skies. The air’s filled with a sense of magic as you head out on a reindeer safari, sleep over in the snow village or ride into the…Continue Reading “Lapland and beyond – why we love skiing in Finland”