SnowMoment was born from the revolution in the snow sports industry. They champion the most cutting edge ski wear clothing and equipment, from the world’s leading brands. They live and breathe skiing, filling the gap between what the high street chains offer and what modern, progressive riders demand. In this article, they compare two of their most high tech ski suits on sale this season. If there is one thing we can count on from the ski industry, it’s that fashions come and go, but there will always…Continue Reading “Freeride suits – which is best?”

Luggage-friendly snow boots; meet the Teva Jordanelle

Once the cold weather arrived  in Britain, the thought of sliding around the snowy streets with my feet squashed into the latest footwear fashion fad was no longer an option I was  prepared to contemplate – even less so when I’m in freezing temperatures in a ski resort. Now I’m in my thirties, practicality is increasingly becoming a primary concern (I can hear my mother’s words coming out of my own mouth  now – is this a worrying sign of middle age?) So I was…Continue Reading “Luggage-friendly snow boots; meet the Teva Jordanelle”

Dare 2b kit review

Mark Barber from Extreme recently hit the slopes of the Dolomites in Italy for a snowboarding break. Kitted out in Dare 2b clothing from top to toe, Mark put their ski and snowboarding gear through its paces.

Dare 2b is a UK based company, who pride themselves on providing fun and practical outdoor gear for an affordable price. So does the lower price tag of some of Dare 2b’s gear mean it’s not up to scratch on the slopes? Mark gives us his opinion….

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O’Neill Launch New Snow Goggles Range

Mini blackfire O'Neill goggles

O’Neill is starting the new season with the launch of their first ever range of snow goggles.

O’Neill’s first offerings use the highest quality materials, have a handcrafted manufacturing processes and use engineered optical lens technology.

So what I hear you say? Well the range definitely offers choice. With four different frame styles, over 20 stylish designs, seven lens colour options and a starting price from just £29.99 (see Mini style) the new O’Neill goggles definitely have all the angles covered.

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