When you leave the boundaries of marked ski runs in any resort, the element of risk can often increase. Many skiers and snowboarders aspire to find the perfect snow conditions which can be found off-piste, on deep ‘powder’ snow, which gives you the feeling of floating on air. Skiing off-piste is the ultimate snow sports experience and can be enjoyed by every participant but taking the right precautions is essential. Crucially, knowledge of the local area and expert understanding of snow and avalanche safety is…Continue Reading “Essential Equipment for Off-Piste Skiing”

Essential skiing kit list – what to take and what not to take on your first ski holiday

  One person speaks, the community responds. At least that’s what happened on our facebook page when we were asked to provide an essential ski kit list. Of course, we could of put a list forward but that wouldn’t have been half as much fun. We also wouldn’t have come up with such a comprehensive list for both essentials and items for if you’ve got space. So, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. Oh, and in the interest of making this more readable we’ve…Continue Reading “Essential skiing kit list – what to take and what not to take on your first ski holiday”

The Complete Guide to Adaptive Ski Gear
The monoski in action!
The monoski in action!

Crystal Ski recently announced it was teaming up with Disability Snowsport UK to promote its overseas activity weeks for people with disabilities. With disability skiing becoming increasingly popular and more accessible thanks to organisations such as Disability Snowsport UK, we thought it long overdue that we produce a guide to adaptive ski equipment.

We hope that our guide to adaptive ski gear provides all the information you need about the equipment used in disabled skiing…

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The Complete Guide to Ski Gear

Whether you are a novice or an expert, skiing in comfort and style is important during your time on the snow. Before you head off for your holiday on the slopes, read this simple guide about everything you will need for a fantastic skiing holiday. If you are a regular on the slopes, you may have considered purchasing the clothes that you will need. Buying ski gear can be expensive, so often hiring is a more suitable alternative. Hiring equipment can also be a better…Continue Reading “The Complete Guide to Ski Gear”