So, you’ve read Equipment – The Snowboarding Essentials and you feel like you know the basics about snowboarding equipment. You’ve got your board, boots and bindings – now you need the rest. You could spend months on the slopes and still never see two snowboarders that look the same. The reason? With hats, glasses, jackets, pants and more, there are so many choices to be made when choosing snowboarding gear. In The Complete Guide to Snowboarding Gear, we will start from the top and work…Continue Reading “The Complete Guide to Snowboarding Gear”

Whether you are new to snowboarding or have been riding for years, take a look at our basic guide to snowboarding equipment to ensure you head to the slopes with everything you need. Snowboarding equipment is vital to both your enjoyment on the slopes and how well you will be able to snowboard. Ensure your equipment is suitable and to a required standard before hitting the piste. If you are a new snowboarder, it is recommended that you hire your snowboarding equipment from our experienced…Continue Reading “Equipment – The Snowboarding Essentials”

You may be planning your first ski holiday or you could be on your way back to the slopes for the umpteenth time in as many years. Whatever your level of experience and/or your commitment to the sport, you will have contemplated buying or renting your ski equipment. Before deciding to take the plunge and forking out for your very own gear, heed the following advice to ensure that you make the right decision for you. Things to consider How regular a skier are you?…Continue Reading “Ski Equipment – The Big Rent Vs. Buy Debate”