Choosing a pair of ski boots can be a daunting prospect so Snow+Rock have spent 30 years making the process as easy as possible.   Find your level Boots vary depending on your ability and skiing style. A pair of ‘Recreational’ boots are traditionally softer and better suited to someone who likes to stick to the piste and ski in a gentle, relaxed manner. ‘Advanced’ boots are for people looking to progress and ski more challenging terrain. ‘Expert’ boots will be stiffer and give…Continue Reading “A step by step guide to comfortable ski boots”

  In order to maximise your time and enjoyment out on the slopes you need to keep warm. The secret to keeping warm is layering and warming your ‘core’ (vital organs). If your core is warm then your body can heat your extremities. If your core is cold then your body will focus on warming your vital organs and your extremities will become cold – simple? Here is our guide to layering. The Base Layer This is the most important layer in the system as…Continue Reading “Keeping warm while skiing; A guide to layering”

Ski fashion 2012 – what’s hot in cold weather

What to wear when you’re skiing has always required a certain amount of consideration, and not only because of the chilly alpine climates. Whilst once-upon-a-time what you wore on the slopes was merely about safety, today ski wear is a fashion in its own right. So what is hot on this winter’s slopes? Here’s our report on what’s big in resorts this winter.


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