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gmw-blk-non-cmykImagine your perfect ski resort. Is it a high-altitude, ski-in-ski-out resort with access to 500km of piste and a superclub? If so, Ruhpolding’s probably not for you.

In and of itself, Ruhpolding’s ski area is a relatively small 22km. It also sits at a fairly low altitude, has a small-ish village centre and doesn’t offer TOO much in the way of intermediate or advanced skiing. We know all of these things, and yet we continue to tout our favourite (and only) German resort as a quintessential skiing experience. Why?

It’s Staggeringly Beautiful

This is no purpose-built French resort town. It’s no La Plagne, with its concrete functionality. Not even a Zermatt, with its shiny shop fronts and bright lights. At risk of upsetting a few people, it’s not even a quaint Austrian ski village. Ruhpolding is simply a small mountain town in the heart of rural Bavaria, surrounded by majestic mountains and thick, sprawling forest – all set against a backdrop of the awesome Cheimgau Alps.


It’s in Bavaria

‘So what? All places are somewhere.’ True, but Bavaria’s a particularly nice place. Famous for its excellent food and spectacular beer, a ski holiday will offer a real insight into the culinary and historical traditions of the region.

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As mentioned above, Ruhpolding itself boasts only 22km of piste – and lovely piste it is, too. If you need a bit more from your ski holiday though, Ruhpolding offers easy access to the Winklmoos-Steinplatte ski area. Able to hold its own against any of the smaller Austrian areas, Winklmoos-Steinplatte increases available piste to a not-to-be-sniffed at 45km. Nice.


It really is More Than a Ski Holiday

From cross-country skiing to biathlon to walking routes, ice-skating and husky rides, there’s as much to do off piste as there is on it, making a winter adventure or Ruhpolding more of a winter activity extravaganza than a simple ski trip.


It’s got History & Culture

Bavaria is a European cultural hotspot. The countryside is littered with history to explore, from WWII sights to Disney-esque castles. Ruhpolding also sits just an hour or so from Munich, allowing you quick and easy access to one of Europe’s prettiest and most exciting cities. From beautifully lit, outdoor beer gardens to awesome architecture, Munich has more than enough going on to keep you entertained.


There you go, then. While Ruhpolding might not be the perfect ski resort, it also kind of is. We believe that a ski holiday can – and should – offer more than endless mile munching. It’s a holiday, so it’s important that you have flexibility, and options as far as entertainment is concerned. If you share that opinion, give Ruhpolding a go – you won’t regret it.

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