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When you’re missing the mountains, there’s snow choice but to resort to some wintry wordplay to chairlift your spirits. Here are some of our favourites…

Skiing puns

  • Alpine for you when I’m gone
  • You’ll après-ciate a crisp pint of beer after a day on the slopes
  • Make it schnappy
  • Dance like snowbody’s watching
  • Ski ya later
  • What’s the Matterhorn with you?
  • All you need is glove(s)
  • Can I Alp you?
  • It’s all downhill from here
  • You’ve taken a piste of my heart

Snow puns

  • With great powder, comes great responsibility
  • Snow long, friend
  • Live like there’s snow tomorrow
  • Boldly go where snowman has gone before
  • Icy you, baby
  • Not snow fast
  • Powder to the people
  • It takes one to snow one
  • Icy what you did there
  • Freeze a jolly good fellow
  • The snow must go on

There’s snow possible way these puns can get any worse. Think you could do better?

Writer for Crystal Ski Holidays.

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