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Whether you’re preparing for a season as a chalet host or just want to perfect your tartiflette, the Crystal Chalet Cooking Course is without a doubt, the best way to do it.

What is it?

The main aim of the course it to get an insight into life in the kitchen as a Chalet Host. From organizing your kitchen to working in the tight spaces that chalet kitchens normally are, to getting to know our winter menu. You’ll also spend a week with our resort management team, who can provide you with sagely advice ranging from how many pairs of socks to bring on your season, to which ski area will most suit you.

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Can I do it?

Frequently, we get asked ‘Can I still come on the course if I have no cooking experience?’ And the answer is absolutely yes – we’ve had people who didn’t know a courgette from an aubergine, people who’ve mashed potatoes through a colander, and people who’ve never boiled an egg before. Everybody’s welcome!

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Our cookery course is designed for those with no – or minimal – cooking experience to learn everything from how to chop an onion, all the way to preparing a full Christmas dinner. We spend time at the beginning of the week getting you used to working in the small kitchens, accustomed to the ingredients you will be using and getting to know your personal capabilities, so that we can help you to get the most from the course.

What does it involve?

Twice a day you will get a demonstration from one of the trainers teaching a new skill/technique and then tasked to cook a dish/menu from scratch incorporating this technique. In your pairs you will be working in individual kitchens were you will be responsible for the stock control, hygiene and cleanliness for the “shift” that you are working. The trainers will be on hand the whole time to provide you with constant feedback and hints or tips on how to complete each stage of the dishes that you are cooking. All the trainers have worked in the Crystal chalet program themselves, so they can really provide you with the most relevant and realistic advice for cooking in a chalet environment. As the week goes on, we start to focus more on the timings of dishes and presentation standards as you become more confident with the basics.

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Will it help me get a job?

If you haven’t already attended an assessment day in the UK for a job with us, we also offer the option to be interviewed for a Chalet Host position with Crystal on the course. It’s the same interview that you would receive at an assessment day however it saves you travelling to a separate one in the UK. This usually takes place later on in the week, enabling you to ask as many questions about the company and the job beforehand, leaving you as clued-up as can be.

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The course is run in a relaxed environment with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. The feedback that we get from people at the end of the week is always surprise at how much they have progressed, all while having a great time:

” I took the crystal cookery course in September 2016. There were 8 of us on the week-long course, you train and stay in a Crystal chalet. The two crystal staff members where lovely and made the week fun and exciting. We learnt everything you needed to know about working in a Crystal chalet. I would recommend anyone to do this course if you want to get the best out of your winter season. Plus you get to spend a week in the French mountains!”

Cecily, attended Sept 2016 – Chalet Host, Val d’Isere

“The cookery course prepared me for working in a chalet by teaching me the skills required for cooking for a large number of people, and to a tight time constraint. It also helped me get used to cooking in an open chalet environment and familiarised me with the Crystal menu.”

Annie, attended Aug 2016 – Chalet Host, Val d’Isere

“The course set me up really well for my ski season, teaching me not only the basics of cooking but also how to take care of a chalet.”

Jo, attended Aug 2015 – Chalet Host, La Rosiere

“Completing the Crystal cookery course prepared me to confidently host and cook, especially staying in one of their chalets in Tignes. Having never been on a chalet holiday before I had no idea what to expect, but talking to the staff running the course and the management team, as well as the prospective hosts, allowed me to get a feel for what to expect in doing a season with Crystal. I would highly recommend the course as it provides you with all the skills to succeed as a chalet host as well as the opportunity to be interviewed and secure the job there and then.”

Olivia, attended Sept 2015 – Resort Chalet Supervisor, Les Deux Alpes

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