Group skiing at the Snozone

Dreaming of fresh snowfall, peak views and crisp mountain air? Get your fill of the slopes in between ski seasons at the Snozone indoor snow centres in Milton Keynes and Castleford. They’ve both got a nursery area, a gentle blue run and a few drag lifts, so you can ski or board on real snow any time of the year. Here are our top five reasons to go… Learn to ski or snowboard If you’ve never tried skiing or boarding before, visiting an indoor snow…Continue Reading “5 REASONS TO GO TO THE SNOZONE INDOOR SNOW CENTRES”

How to keep your hands warm

Getting cold hands is no fun at all. Not only can it dampen your spirits on the slopes, it may even cut the day short. So why do hands get cold and why does it happen so easily in the mountains? It’s because your body’s working much harder to stay warm, which means blood flow increases in your body’s core and decreases in your hands and feet. On top of that, skiing tends to work a lot of your lower-body muscles, so circulation heads to…Continue Reading “HOW TO KEEP YOUR HANDS WARM WHEN SKIING”

Lunch on the mountain in a ski resort

It can be easy to forget how demanding skiing is when you’re having fun on the slopes. The average skier burns 300-600 calories per hour , so you’ll need to make sure you fuel up properly to keep you going between meals. Check out our tips for eating right in the mountains. What to eat before skiing Breakfast sets you up for the day so don’t skip it. Fill up on protein with a plate of eggs, or go for a bowl of porridge –…Continue Reading “WHAT TO EAT WHEN YOU’RE SKIING”


Skis or snowboard? It’s the age-old debate for mountain lovers. Skiing had a major head start in the popularity stakes – the history of skiing shows it’s been around for thousands of years, while boarding was only invented in the 1960s. But plenty of skiers now try boarding too, to mix things up on the mountain, learn a new skill or even just to wear comfier boots. What are the differences between skiing and snowboarding? Equipment The most obvious difference is that your feet will…Continue Reading “LEARNING TO SNOWBOARD AFTER SKIING”